Below are just a few of the many models which you can order. We do not carry homes in stock, however you can order them and have them shipped to your location.  All models have the ability to be customized from the moving of walls, windows and doors to the changing of wall height and roof slopes. You can also create your own custom floor plan. To view the online catalog with a complete list of models click the button provided below.

Fort Worth

28' x 32'

Interior  - (540 sq/ft)

Porch - (379 sq/ft)

Total - (919 sq/ft)


44.5' x 29'

Interior - (1,235 sq/ft)

Porch - (140 sq/ft)

Total - (1,375 sq/ft)


25' x 31'

Interior - (1055 sq/ft)

Lower porch - (168 sq/ft)

Upper porch - (70 sq/ft)

Total - (1293 sq/ft)


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